About Us

Elsan Magnet Wire A.S. was founded in 1980 in Denizli with an annual production capacity of 30-40 tons of enamelled wire. Elsan copper wire and magnet wire A.S has changed a lot since then within the scope of regular enhancements in production efficiency, technological developments and strategies.
but one thing has never changed:
"Elsan has always comprehended & prioritized customer demands first and looked for solutions to meet them.”
Today Elsan,
* is a world brand with its production capacity of 30.000 ton/year and
* exporting %65 of its production pursuant to,
* ISO 9001:2008 , ISO TS 16949: 2009 , UL and RoHS standards.
We’ll continue to comprehend our customers’ demands and look for solutions to serve even better.


To create happy stakeholders who are proud of our presence that makes every moment of life easier.


To produce electromagnetic wire in a socially and environmentally friendly manner, with advanced technology machines, innovative management systems and competent staff, for organizations that want to add value to life with their products.


  • To add value to society with our activities in harmony with nature,

  • An encouraging, fair management that makes quick decisions for solutions and shares these decisions,

  • End customers' trust is our credibility

  • To seek innovation in everything we do, to work efficiently and effectively with team spirit by giving importance to employee health and ethical rules,

  • Happy employees with high commitment who constantly produce new ideas and can take initiative when necessary,